14 February 2015

Happy Valentines Day.

As it is Valentines Day I thought I would do a special post about beautiful bras. A pretty bra can do so much for your confidence, just like any good outfit. It can make you feel sexy, attractive, beautiful. Unfortunately most pretty bras don't provide the best support or they do, but then you can see every lacy lump and bump through your top. 

Now I love to buy pretty undies but sometimes it seems a waste to spend so much money on something I will hardly wear, as you can guarantee I'm going to be living in that super smooth strapless push up bra, that is practically invisible under any outfit. Not very sexy but neither is having all your bra on show.

Now I'm sure we can all admit we have a gorgeous, yet slightly useless, bra stashed away somewhere that has hardly ever been worn. So today I have decided to share with you a few of my prettiest bras that wont cost you a fortune. Some completely useless, others not. I hope you enjoy.

Right. I love this H&M bra, it's pretty, sexy... everything you could want for Valentines day, but it literally cannot be worn under anything! It's the frilliest bra ever! But for under £15 I just couldn't say no! I guess I'll just have to buy some really big, chunky knit jumpers to wear over it.

Now this little red number from Primark was only £6 I think and its actually an alright bra. The lace is really pretty but not too bumpy that you can see it through everything , however I would still avoid wearing it under sheer tops or really tight tops. This bra also has some padding giving you that little bit extra oomph. I will say however that it doesn't have the best fit so I wouldn't advise wearing it for an occasion when you will be rushing around or dancing, but overall a gorgeous bra that could be worn day to day.

The fit, the style, the pattern, the price. Asda really got it right with this stunning bra for only £12! It has some slight padding which with the fit and shape of the bra works wonders on you cleavage. The bra is comfy and supportive whilst still looking super sexy on. I don't think it looks cheap whatsoever. This is the one, out of all my pretty bras, that I actually wear quite a lot. Unfortunately the ruched straps and lace trim still make it hard to wear under any strappy, sheer or tight tops.

Finally is this tassled Topshop triangle bra. No support. No padding. Nothing. But lets face it, this is one sexy looking bra! Luckily for us though, you can pick these up pretty cheap. Maybe it has something to do with the lack of fabric? Anyway, if you don't require any support these triangle bras are actually pretty decent. I tend to wear it under jumpers or baggy black tees, as the lace and straps are very smooth so you can barely see it. This bra is so comfy and you can hardly tell it's there. I would advise avoiding ones with tassels though as it gets quite tangled and makes it harder to hide under tighter fitting tops.

I hope you liked this post and weather you're single or in a relationship have a Happy Valentines Day and treat yourself to a gorgeous yet affordable bra!

Whats your favourite style of bra?

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